Core Concepts

The core concept behind AIOS is as follows:

1. Creating and Fine-Tune AI Models

AIOS creates and/or fine-tunes AI models for specific commercial use cases.

Instead of generic, all-in-one models, we believe the future of AI is highly fine-tuned models meant to solve specific business and end-user problems. We believe such models are more commercially viable and can generate stronger revenue streams.

AIOS will create specific models for:

  • Image generation: Including specific use cases such as logo generation, game characters, in-game assets, charcter-to-sticker, AI-driven portraits, etc.

  • Content generation: Specific business use cases such as social media content creation, SEO-optimized blog content, website copywriting, sales copywriting, and more.

  • Translation: Translate from/to multiple languages. Initially, we'll support English, Spanish, French, German, and Chinese (Simplified)

  • NSFW: Image and video generation focused exclusively on NSFW images

Every AI model will be its independent module.

2. Deploying AI Models on Nodes and Cloud Services

Our fine-tuned models will then be deployed on both decentralized nodes and centralized cloud services.

The goal is to give developers the option to use whatever is more convenient for them - cloud services if they want the ease of use and reliability of centralized services (along with API access), decentralized node operators if they want to support the decentralization mission.

Node operators will be incentivized to run our models through $AIOS tokens.

3. Pay-per-use with $AIOS Tokens

Once our models are deployed on cloud/decentralized nodes, users and developers will be able to pay for them with crypto.

All crypto (ETH/USDC/USDT/WBTC) will be used to market buy and burn $AIOS tokens.

$AIOS will also be used to incentivize node operators.

Furthermore, $AIOS holders will be able to vote on which node operators to incentivize, as well as which models to improve/fine-tune/create.

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