What is AIOS

AIOS - Artificial Intelligence Operating System - is building a set of fine-tuned, modular AI models for targeted use cases that can be operated and deployed anywhere - on centralized cloud servers, or decentralized nodes.

Our mission is to democratize access to models, their weights, and their deployment. Anyone can plug our models into their products regardless of their infrastructure choices.

A web2 developer can use our APIs to plug their models directly into any app. A web3 developer can deploy our models on decentralized nodes and plug them into a dApp.

AIOS will focus on building and fine-tuning models - either fine-tuned from open source resources, or trained from scratch - and giving developers and users the tools to use them anywhere.

Additionally, we plan to deploy our models on decentralized infrastructure via node operators, giving our users the option to access our models via completely decentralized, permissionless and trustless means.

Commercially Viable Models

Our goal is to create real-world use cases for AI. Instead of general purpose models, we will focus on fine-tuning models that can be deployed right away for commercial use cases.

We believe that building a commercially viable framework is crucial for building a sustainable AI company without VC funding. Models that can solve targeted business problems (content creation, design, translation, etc.) can generate the revenue needed to sustain operations for an infrastructure and talent heavy industry suc as AI.

Thus, all our models will be built with a commercial intent.

Pipelines and AI Agents

The end-game of AI is autonomous agents. We want to facilitate their operation by building modular AI models that can connect into each other to perform specific use cases.

We call these "pipelines" where an AI agent (or human agent, for now) can plug into a set of modules and create a desired output.

For example, creating and promoting a blog post requires multiple assets:

  • SEO-optimized blog content

  • Blog header image and in-post images

  • Social media promotion images

  • Social media promotion content

Instead of creating each of these assets separately, we envision a scenario where different fine-tuned models can plug into each other and create a complete, promotion-ready blog post.

We believe pipelines like these will be highly commercially successful since they solve a ready business need with minimal input. When AI agents become more viable, we envision a future where an AI agent is able to come up with a prompt, create an asset, and post it online without human agency.

$AIOS, with its focus on creating commercially viable, plug-and-play models that can be run on decentralized nodes is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this near-future.

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