Image Generation

Our first model will be for image generation. We will work with different providers (see "Providers" section) and fine-tune models using feedback and data generated by our users.

While we will start with a general-purpose image generation model, we eventually plan to create highly targeted, use-case specific models.

Use cases with commercial intent will be prioritized since we believe these users are more likely to pay for the models (and thus, bring utility to $AIOS token).

The initial use-cases we've identified include:

  • Logo generation: Fine-tuned to generate logos and favicons in production-ready sizes and quality

  • Image-to-sticker: The sticker industry is surprisingly large - this model will allow users to upload an image and generate a production-ready sticker image

  • Social media graphics: Social media graphics have specific dimensions and visibility requirements. This model will be able to generate images in one or more formats that can be used for social media promotion

  • In-game assets: This model will be fine-tuned for creating artwork for in-game 3D assets such as weapons, characters, landscapes, etc.

  • Pixel art: This model will be tuned for creating pixel art

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