Revenue and Fees

$AIOS will charge users a nominal fee (paid monthly or annually) to use our models. This fee will be tied to usage and start at a lower price than competitors (chatGPT, Claude are both $20+/month).

$AIOS will also charge a usage-tied fee to developers who want to deploy our models via our APIs. Developers who opt to use our decentralized models, however, won't have to pay us any fee but instead, will need to pay node operators.

Furthermore, $AIOS will charge a 5% buy/sell tax. This small tax will be used to grow our development fund.

Tax and Revenue Usage

Tax and revenue will be used as follows:

  • Revenue: 100% of revenue generated from users and developers will be used to buyback and burn $AIOS tokens.

  • Tax: Of the 5% buy/sell tax collected on our tokens:

    • 50% will be used for development

    • 50% will be used for marketing and buybacks & burns

Buybacks and burns will happen at the team's prerogative to reduce frontrunning.

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