AI is revolutionary and world-changing.

But it's also precariously poised right now. The largest AI models are owned and operated by centralized, opaque entities. Most are owned and/or controlled by Big Tech. Most have also been guilty of censorship and manipulation.

If there is to be an AI revolution, it would eventually mean ceding even more power and control to Big Tech.

We believe there should be an alternative.

We believe that AI need not be wholly owned and controlled by centralized entities. Rather, it should be decentralized and owned by the people who create and use them.

This is where, we believe, the AI x Crypto crossover is essential. Crypto already has the technology and the infrastructure to support the decentralization mission. Data can be channelled through decentralized miners and node operators. Models can be moderated through DAOs.

If the current AI model places power in the hands of a select few executives and engineers in Big Tech, a crypto-driven AI places it right back in the hands of ordinary people and decentralized entities.

We created AIOS to fulfill this mission.

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